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How to Submit to SAT

Screen Artists Talent is a boutique agency, representing professional screen actors in the Southeast. We are always excited to find new actors and accept submissions from all ages. We do require our actors to be in constant pursuit of perfecting their craft. 


Email submissions to


Please include the following: 

  • Headshot(s)

  • Demo Reel/Clips

  • Resume/ experience with acting  

  • Contact info (phone number and email).

  • Age

  • Sentence - paragraph about what sparked your interest in acting

Although email submissions are preferred, postal mail submissions should be addressed to: 


Screen Artists Talent

2002 Riverside Dr. 

Suite 42-P

Asheville, NC 28804 


We will keep all mailed submissions. Once we receive your submission we will contact you within 30 days if we are interested in setting up an appointment. Please do not call us. If you are not contacted, please wait 6 months to resubmit. 


Thank you for your interest in Screen Artists Talent.

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